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Molecular Genetics of Ageing

Ageing is defined as a gradual decline of organismal homeostasis and of physiologic functions throughout the body, and is associated with an increased risk of age-related disease. Yet work from model genetic organisms reveals that animals possess natural defense mechanisms that help stave off ageing, increase organismal homeostasis and stimulate longevity. [more...]

Model genetic organism: C. elegans wild type in larval stage L4

Selected publications

Nakamura, S., Karalay, Ö., Jäger, P.S., Horikawa, M., Klein, C., Nakamura, K., Latza, C., Templer, S.E., Dieterich, C., and Antebi, A. (2016) Mondo complexes regulate TFEB via TOR inhibition to promote longevity in response to gonadal signals. Nat Commun. 7:10944. doi: 10.1038/ncomms10944, PMID:27001890

Horikawa, M., Sural, S., Hsu, A.L., and Antebi, A. (2015) Co-chaperone p23 Regulates C. elegans Lifespan in Response to Temperature. PLoS Genet 11, e1005023.

Denzel, M.S., Storm, N.J., Gutschmidt, A., Baddi, R., Hinze, Y., Jarosch, E., Sommer, T., Hoppe, T., and Antebi, A. (2014) Hexosamine Pathway Metabolites Enhance Protein Quality Control and Prolong Life. Cell 2014 Mar 13; 156, 1167-78.

Horn, M., Geisen, C., Cermak, L., Becker, B., Nakamura, S., Klein, C., Pagano, M., and Antebi, A. (2014) DRE-1/FBXO11-Dependent Degradation of BLMP-1/BLIMP-1 Governs C. elegans Developmental Timing and Maturation. 
Dev Cell. 2014 Mar 4.  

Heestand, B.N., Shen, Y., Liu, W., Magner, D.B., Storm, N., Meharg, C., Habermann, B., and Antebi, A. (2013) Dietary restriction induced longevity is mediated by nuclear receptor NHR-62 in Caenorhabditis elegansPLoS Genet. 2013, 9(7):e1003651.

Magner, D.B., Wollam, J., Shen, Y., Hoppe, C., Li, D., Latza, C., Rottiers, V., Hutter, H., and Antebi, A.(2013) The NHR-8 nuclear receptor regulates cholesterol and bile acid homeostasis in C. elegansCell Metab. 2013 Aug 6, 18(2):212-24

Shen, Y., Wollam, J., Magner, D., Karalay, O., and Antebi, A. (2012) A steroid receptor-microRNA switch regulates life span in response to signals from the gonad. Science 338(6113):1472-6.

Bethke, A., Fielenbach, N., Wang, Z., Mangelsdorf, D.J., Antebi, A. (2009) Nuclear Hormone Receptor Regulation of microRNAs Controls Developmental Progression, Science 324, 95-98.

Third-party funding

  • 2015-2018 | BMBF EndoProtect
    Subproject 1

  • 2013-2017 | DFG
    CECAD: EXC 229 - to support collaborative research

  • 2011-2015 | BMBF
    GERONTOSYS - Forschungskern: SyBACol (Systems Biology of Ageing Cologne); Project Area A: Systems Biology of Longevity Pathways; Subproject B

  • 2011-2015 | DFG
    SFB 635: Posttranslational control of protein function, Project C9: Regulation of C. elegans Developmental Timing by the F-box Protein  DRE-1/FBXO11

  • 2011-2012 | DFG
    CECAD Project: Metabolomic Profiling of C. elegans Longevity

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Short film on German public TV

Science magazine "nano" on 3sat, March 2014 - ageing studies on the small roundworm C. elegans: watch the movie.

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Science radio show

Listen to a report on C. elegans as a model organism, broadcast in the science show "Leonardo" on German public radio WDR5 on September 10, 2014: choose "Sendung vom 10.09.2014". The part on C. elegans starts at 14:36. - Along with other international scientists, Adam Antebi has been interviewed for this show.