Core Facilities


Our mission

Novel technologies in nucleic acids sequencing, mass spectrometry and imaging provide high-throughput data for research approaches in the field of Quantitative / Systems Biology. Modern research takes advantage of an unprecedented breadth and depth in large-scale data acquisition. The Bioinformatics Core develops computational methods and analysis strategies to handle, analyze and exploit multi-dimensional data sets from the aforementioned sources. Systems biology approaches equally demand data management, visualization and integration techniques that we implement as part of our platform mission. Together with central IT, we maintain and update a high-performance compute infrastructure for scientific computing that is the basis for multiple service and research activities at the MPI-AGE.

You are warmly invited to come and talk to us before you start your high-throughput experiments. [more...]

Custom-tailored solutions

Complementarily, we offer individual bioinformatics support for intramural researchers at all career levels. This is known as "walk-in clinics" model. Just send us an email and we will setup a meeting with you. [more]



We very much welcome your active participation in data analyses. Our core facility provides comprehensive resource pages for bioinformatics training resources and our core facility staff is providing in-house teaching and course work. [more]

The web site of the Computational RNA Biology Group can be found here