Franziska Metge, Bioinformatician, Bioinformatics Core Facility

"Growing old healthy - that is my motivation. For me as a bioinformatician, it is very important to not only have great computing power but also to collaborate closely with biologists. This is exactly what I can find at the MPI for Biology of Ageing."

Kai Fiedler, PhD student Department Langer

„Our group studies the influence of our cells’ powerhouses, called mitochondria, on ageing processes. I use human cells as a model system to analyze the function of proteins within mitochondria and their impact on the cell’s health. Here at the institute, there is almost every possible support to advance your own research. A great, diverse team helps you to carry out your project in areas where you would otherwise be overwhelmed. That's great!”

Ariadna Velazquez, PhD student Research Group Graef

"We study the connection between autophagy - the recycling system of the cell - and ageing. For my research I receive excellent support by our collaboration partners and core facilities with state of the art techniques. I believe that my work will help to assure healthy ageing."

Sarah Bannert, Head of Human Resources

"For me, working in the human resources department of the MPI for Biology of Ageing means that I can work together with young people from many different countries. Additionally, I have best training opportunities; the Max-Planck-Society offers numerous seminars and courses. Cologne is a very lively city where I quickly found my favorite spots."

Luke Tain, Postdoc Department Partridge

"I am working with fruit flies as a model to determine the genes and proteins that specifically regulate life span. If we can understand and modify ageing in simple model organisms, like the fly, we can translate those discoveries to the benefit of all society. For me, the MPI for Biology of Ageing provides the perfect environment to perform my research. The atmosphere here is brilliant and the infrastructure is unprecedented."

Daniela Morick, Coordinator Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research

"I really enjoy working together with the students and to master new challenges with them time and again. Our Graduate School aims to offer an all-inclusive-service to the students. We want our students to have the most possible freedom in their scientific work and develop themselves and their career in the ageing research community."

Kat Folz-Donahue, Technician FACS & Imaging Facility

"What is super interesting for me at the MPI for Biology of Ageing is the diversity of topics. We have people working with so many different model organisms - from the single-cell yeast to the colorful killifish.  In our core facility - FACS & Imaging - we provide services for the researchers and help to make life easier for them."

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