MPI AGE Activities and Events

Welcome coffee meet

We at the IO always try to find ways to accommodate our newly arrived so that they feel welcomed and cared for.

Our welcome coffee meet is designed to do just that. It is set in a relaxed atmosphere where colleagues from various departments come for coffee and conversation. The newcomers also have an opportunity to meet with the administration, students /postdoc reps and other lab members.

Potluck lunch

In acknowledging and celebrating the cultural diversity at our institute, we organize several times a year, an international potluck lunch. You can bring any dish from your home country for everyone to share. It can be something as simple as a cheese dip or something savory as Tandoori chicken. Don't worry they will be gobbled up!

Christmas party

This annual institutional event is organized by the rotating departments and the administration. It is the largest event of the year complimented by catered food, drinks, entertainment, student-led productions, and a scientific talk by a prominent guest scientist. 

Summer BBQ

One of the most popular events held each year at MPI AGE is the Summer BBQ. The event is organized by various departments and is open to everyone. 


As part of the fitness and wellness program at our institute, we offer an onsite yoga class for all of our employees. We offer 2 classes each week after working hours.