Cultural Basics

Learning German

Although the working language at the MPI AGE is English, acquiring some basic knowledge of German is a plus while living and working in Germany. You have an option to go with our in-house courses or from various language schools in town.

  • Goethe-Institut Bonn
    Lennéstraße 6
    53113 Bonn
    Tel.: +49 228 95 75 6-0
    Fax: +49 228 95 75 6-23
    Leitung: Anne-Kathrein Weber
    Email: bonn(at)

  • Volkshochschule der Stadt Köln
    VHS Köln
    Im Mediapark 7
    50670 Köln
    Tel.: 0221 221-25990
    Fax: 0221 221-6569007
    Email: vhs(at)

  • Insula Köln  
    Vogelsangerstrasse 61
    50823 Köln  
    Tel.: 0221 79004204
    Email:  info(at)

  • TANDEM Köln
    Rolandstr. 57
    D-50677 Köln
    Tel.: 0221.310 10 30
    Fax: 0221.310 10 74
    E-mail: info(at)


Online Language Resources

German way of life

It might be helpful for you to get to know some of Germany's customs and traditions before you arrive in the country. Some of the following sites may give you an insight into the way of life here and perhaps better prepare you for what lies ahead.

You can also check out our collection of survival guides.

German newspapers and magazines

Another way to pick up a language is to expose yourself to the language wherever and whenever possible. Germany's newspapers and magazines are a good source for learning German. Whether you enjoy cooking, sports, hobbies or current events, try reading them in German? before you know it, words like "Schlittschuhlaufen" will be rolling off your tongue.

The most popular newspapers and magazines are listed below (links to their websites):

Website for all German newspapers:

 Website for online German magazines and news outlets: