Opportunity for spouses

Currently the MPI for Biology of Ageing has cooperation with the University of Cologne's dual career office (CFS). The dual career office offers many services to families and spouses of scientists and visiting scholars at the university and the MPI. In special cases the office provides assistance in locating appropriate jobs for spouses of MPI scientists provided that these positions are open and available.

Daycare and Schools

The IO keeps an updated list of all international and bi-lingual schools in the Cologne/ Bonn area. We also cooperate with several daycares throughout Cologne. Places are limited, so please contact the IO as soon as possible if you need a spot for your child.

PME Family Services in Cologne, our current service provider, offers broad-based support program for families. This includes finding appropriate childcare facilities, emergency care, relocation services and much more. Consultation is also available in English.

PME Familienservice: Cologne

Family activities

If you are looking for something to do, you don't need to look further. The NRW region offers abundance of leisure time activities for you and your family. This is just a sample:

Our office also keeps an extensive database of activities in Cologne and throughout the NRW region.