Media Contributions

Arte and ZDF: "The clockwork of life"

Interview with Dario Valenzano about the ageing process more

Arte: "Will we live forever?"

Sebastian Grönke explains whether the successful rejuvenation of animals can be transferred to humansmore

3sat nano: "Do we still need animal testing?"

Researchers and animal keepers from our institute on the necessity of animal experimentsmore

The Economist Podcast: "Is longevity more than a billionaire’s pipe-dream?"

Linda Partridge about the fundamental ageing processes.more

BR podcast: "What we can learn about ageing from senior skiers"

Joris Deelen on the biological causes of ageing.more

ZDF: "The quest for eternal youth"

Is there such a thing as longevity genes? ZDF Journalist Falko Schuster has gone on a scientific search for answers. more

Kölner Stadtanzeiger: "Why it would be much better to think of ageing as a disease"

Interview with Orsolya Symmons about the future of ageing research.more "Does death have a future?"

Research Group Leader Martin Denzel talks about what ageing might look like in the future, whether we can live forever, and what the social ...more

Süddeutsche Zeitung: "The benefits of the deadline"

Research Group Leader Joris Deelen on life expectancy and health in old age.more

MDR Wissen: "I will stop ageing!"

Research Groupleader Stephanie Panier about the ageing process in the MDR Podcast "My challenge - I stop ageing".more