Media Contributions

Der Tagesspiegel: "Protection against dementia - Good sleep is important"

Postdoc Sebastian Grönke in the German Newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel" on the role of sleep in ageing and dementia.more

Tagesschau Podcast: "Humans are immortal? What next?"

Podcast of the Tagesschau: Let's assume we are immortal. Will we live with artificial organs? Or does our soul go into the digital realm? And will we ...more

HR2: "The Dream of Eternal Life"

Postdoc Sebastian Grönke was a guest on the radio programme "Der Tag" on the topic of ageing and eternal life.more

Arte: "That is why we are living longer and longer"

The television programme Xenius was a guest at our institute and accompanied Martin Denzel's research.more

BBC: "Can science reverse the ageing process?"

BBC Reel asked the question if science can reverse the ageing process. Among the scientists who got to the bottom of this question was Linda ...more

Der Spiegel: "Life expectancy: How old can people become?"

Research group leader Joris Deelen was asked about the limits of our life expectancy and the recipe for a healthy life.more

BR: "Anti-Aging Promise - What is really true"

Martin Denzel was a guest and interview partner on the TV show BR beta story and talks about the topic "Anti-Aging Promises - What is really true".more

MaxPlanckForschung: "The Methuselah Cocktail"

The Max Planck Research Magazine reports on Linda Partridge's fascinating studies on the ageing processes of fruit flies. more

ZDF: "Code des Alterns"

The ZDF Morgenmagazin reports on the dream of eternal youth. more

How the life clock can be manipulated

ZDF Leschs Kosmosmore