Media Contributions

BBC: "How can I live a longer life?"

A BBC podcast episode tries to answer the question of how to live a longer and healthier life.more

Laborjournal: "The genetic burden of the killifish"

Journalist Hans Zauner interviewed research group leader Dario Valenzano for the Laborjournal about his work on the African turquoise killifish.more

ARTE: "The killifish and the wrinkles of my dad"

Dario Valenzano on what the killifish has to do with ageing.more

Botenstoff Podcast: "As a biologist in science communication"

In this podcast, science communicator Peter Kohl interviews the PR executive of our institute Maren Berghoff about her work. more

Biznews: "Meet Dame Linda Partridge and learn how to live longer and happier"

Institute director Linda Partridge was interviewed by journalist Alec Hogg during her visit at the World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos.more

WDR: "Eternally young: How scientists want to stop ageing"

WDR - Quarks reports on ageing research.more

WDR: "Why are humans born and die?"

In this episode of Herzfunk, the educational series for children at the KiRaKa (WDR), the research group leader Martin Graef explains the work at our ...more

Laborjournal: "Animal research"

The laboratory journal reports on the killifish - the new model organism in ageing research.more

BR: "Can we escape growing old?"

This radio report explores the question of whether and how we can stop the ageing process. more

New York Times: "The Thing Inside Your Cells That Might Determine How Long You Live"

Institute Director Adam Antebi about his research on the nucleolus, a small structure in every cell of our body that exerts a very decisive influence ...more