DNA building blocks regulate inflammation

The research group of Thomas Langer shows that shortage of DNA building blocks in the cell releases mitochondrial DNA.more

FermentWelten – Developing a science communication and health consulting project next to PhD studies

Voices of our employees: Miriam and Till describe how they launched the science communication and health consulting project “FermentWelten”.more

Fine-tuning of signalling pathways is more complex than expected

The research group of Martin Denzel provides new insights into the nuances of protein regulation by investigating the regulation of GFAT1.more

Longer lifespan through fine-tuning of protein production

The research group of Martin Denzel identified mutations in genes that improve the lifespan of worms. Their findings have now been published in the ...more

The security team: Guardians of the institute

Voices of our employees: The fascinating work of our institute's security team.more

How does dietary restriction affect ageing?

A reduction in food intake leads to a healthier and often longer life in many organisms - potentially also in humans. Importantly, dietary restriction ...more

Yu-Xuan Lu selected for European Crucible 2021

Postdoctoral researcher Yu-Xuan Lu has been offered a place on the European cohort of European Crucible 2021, a competitive programme for development ...more

That is why we are living longer and longer

The television programme Xenius was a guest at our institute and accompanied Martin Denzel's research.more

Life expectancy: How old can people become?

Research group leader Joris Deelen was asked about the limits of our life expectancy and the recipe for a healthy life.more

At the heart of the institute: in the scullery with Petra Rifert

Voices of our employees: Petra Rifert talks about her work in the central scullery of our institute.more

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