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Science meets Music - November 27th 2020, 7 pm

On this evening, American pianist Hilda Huang will play the music by Bach and Beethoven and the biologist Ueli Schibler will examine the circadian clock in his lecture entitled "The Circadian Symphony: a 24-hour clock in every body cell".

Huang is an internationally acclaimed artist who drew attention by winning first prize at the 2014 International Bach Competition in Leipzig. She is currently the only pianist to have won top prizes at all of the Bach competitions (Leipzig 2014, Würzburg 2010 and Tureck 2010). Ueli Schibler is a Swiss chronobiologist and professor at the University of Geneva (currently retired). His research has made significant contributions to the field of chronobiology and understanding the body's internal clock. As with the conductor of a symphony orchestra, this clock ensures the circadian organization of the body. Both Huang and Schibler will have an opportunity to ask each other questions during the Q&A, addressing questions about the circadian rhythm and how it relates to music as well as our general wellbeing.

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