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Lab News

12 November 2020
Our phospho-guided strategy just published in Cell

15 November 2019
Award of an ERC consolidator grant!

23 July 2019
José Bonfiglio’s Marie Curie project was selected as a EU Success Story by the EC

November 2018
Our laboratory has been selected for the EMBO Young Investigator Program.
More information: EMBO Press Release

25 September 2018
Our study on the Interplay of histone marks with Serine ADP-Ribosylation is now out in Cell Reports.

16 July 2018
Orsolya Leidecker was awarded a CECAD travel grant for attending a Cold Spring Harbour meeting. It was a very competitive call!

26 February 2018
Our study on Serine as the primary residue for ADP-ribosylation just published in eLife!

11 October 2017
eLife Digest highlights our paper on serine ADP-ribosylation reversal by ARH3

19 September 2017
José Juan Bonfiglio is a speaker at the Munich Epigenetics Spotlight meeting

10 August 2017
Our paper on Serine ADP-ribosylation reversal highlighted by an “Insight“ in eLife

26 June 2017
Our study on the reversal of serine ADP-ribosylation is now out in eLife.

31 May 2017
José Juan Bonfiglio receives CECAD travel Grant.

18 May 2017
Our short commentary on how to avoid misidentification of ADP-ribosylation sites was published in Nucleic Acids Research

20 April 2017
Our discovery of serine ADP-ribosylation (Nature Chemical Biology and Molecular Cell papers) is highlighted in a Cell Chemical Biology Preview

10 March 2017
Ivan Matic is invited to speak at the 2018 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting on the PARP Family and ADP-ribosylation

3 March 2017
José Juan Bonfiglio’s interview with Cell Press about our Molecular Cell paper

2 March 2017
Our paper is highlighted in a Molecular Cell Preview and as a “Featured Article” on the Molecular Cell website

17 February 2017
We got the cover of Molecular Cell! It takes two to Serine ADP-ribosylate

10 February 2017
Our Nature Chemical Biology and Molecular Cell papers on serine ADP-ribosylation are highlighted in the Max Planck Society Research News

9 February 2017
Our study on the biochemical basis underlying serine ADP-ribosylation was just published in Molecular Cell.

16 December 2016
Ivan Matic’s interview with the New York-based newsweekly GenomeWeb about the crucial use of manual inspection of spectra in our Nature Chemical Biology and Cell papers

1 December 2016
Collaborative paper where our advanced proteomic approaches are applied to identifying new ubiquitin chemistry just published in Cell

29 October 2016
Our partial FASP approach from the Nature Chemical Biology paper discussed in the popular blog “News in Proteomics Research”
17 October 2016
Our Nature Chemical Biology paper highlighted in the weekly magazine Chemical & Engineering News (c&en)

10 October 2016
Our discovery of Serine ADP-ribosylation just published in Nature Chemical Biology!