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Neurobiology of Ageing

One of the most fascinating problems of human biology is the bi-directionality of changes that happen during brain ageing. As we age, we gain knowledge and experience, develop skills, and store memories that define our personality and behaviour. At the same time, the  age-associated cognitive advances are marred by decline in neuronal function that may take a particularly dramatic turn in the late stages of human life. How can the wisdom and peril of ageing co-exist and what are the mechanism of these intertwined processes remains largely unknown.

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Scientific and Personal Assistant

Corinna Schwierzy-Krämer



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Third-party funding

06/2021 - 05/2027 |  European Research Council (Schaefer, Brose, Triller, Oertner MPI), ERC Synergy Grant, Micro-'COPS' - Microglia-control of physiological brain states