Your first point of contact as a newcomer

Welcome to the International Office at the MPI AGE. Our office serves as a first point of contact for international students and scientists. We assist with all formalities during the settling-in period and provide continued support through a wide range of services and counseling.

The office also offers general advice on practical matters such as finding the right doctor, suitable accommodation, childcare and much more.

We encourage you to visit our office and use our services at any time during your stay. If you need individual assistance, please come by or simply e-mail us for an appointment.

We wish you an enjoyable stay and much success!


International Office

Andrea Veith


The International Office provides support with the following topics:

  • Assistance with your visa application
  • Guidance for living and working in Germany (registration at the town hall, opening a bank account, health insurance, application for a residence permit…)
  • Arrangements with the Institute´s guest apartments (if available) and support with finding accommodation
  • Information about child care options
  • Language courses
  • Help in all other relevant questions

In this brochure of the Max Planck Society you will find relevant information about entry and residence in Germany.

What do I have to consider before entering Germany?

For further information please contact the International Office.

What happens after my entry to Germany?
After your arrival you have to register yourself, open a bank account, take a health insurance, if necessary, apply for a residence permit. Please feel free to contact us for further information, documents, applications forms…

What about accommodation?
The MPI AGE has 6 guest apartments close to the Institute. For your reservation request please contact us. We also provide information and links to assist in your search for a suitable accommodation in Cologne.

Informative downlads
How do Germans tick?

News in English


Learning German


Forums in English


Guides for Newcomers


Culture/Social life

Official Website of the city of Cologne http://www.cologne.de/


Tourism in Cologne 


Amusement park:






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