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The long-term goal of our research activities is to pave the way towards increasing health during ageing in humans. To reach this objective, our scientists explore the basic causes and processes of ageing by using mice, flies, worms, and fish as model organisms.
With our "research stories" we would like to offer you insights into our work. To this end, we have selected a couple of highlights that have already been published in scientific papers. So please enjoy browsing our short stories.

For scientists in ageing research, the small round worm C. elegans has become an important model organism to explore genetic and developmental aspects

Studying model organisms

Why insights gained by studying model organisms might be translated into understanding ageing processes in humans:
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Tracking fluorescent proteins

GFP is a "green-fluorescent protein" that is often used in cellular and molecular biology to tag proteins. For instance, we make use of it in order to track the so-called "Tau" protein in living flies. Tau is known to be important in Alzheimer´s disease.
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