Department Partridge (in dismantling)

Department Partridge (in dismantling)

Biological Mechanisms of Ageing

The aim of the department of Biological Mechanisms of Ageing is to discover evolutionarily conserved dietary, genetic and pharmacological interventions that can improve health and function during ageing. We investigate the mechanisms at work using an experimental approach that takes advantage of an interplay between the fruit fly Drosophila and the mouse and that paves the way for development of a broad spectrum, preventative medicine for diseases associated with human ageing.  

Selected publications

Long-lasting geroprotection from brief rapamycin treatment in early adulthood by persistently increased intestinal autophagy
Juricic, P., Lu, Y.-X., Leech, T., Lisa, F., Paulitz, J., Lu, J., Nespital, T., Azami, S., Regan, J. C., Funk, E. et al.
Nature aging (2), pp. 824 - 836 (2022)

A TORC1-histone axis regulates chromatin organisation and non-canonical induction of autophagy to ameliorate ageing
Lu, Y.-X., Regan, J. C., Esser, J., Drews, L. F., Weinseis, T., Stinn, J., Hahn, O., Miller, R. A., Grönke, S.; Partridge, L. 
Elife 10 (2021)

Sestrin is a key regulator of stem cell function and lifespan in response to dietary amino acids 
Lu, J., Temp, U., Müller-Hartmann, A., Esser, J., Grönke, S., Partridge, L.
Nature Aging 1 (1), pp. 60 - 72 (2021)

An Insulin-Sensitive Circular RNA that Regulates Lifespan in Drosophila
Weigelt, C. M., Sehgal, R., Tain, L., Cheng, J., Esser, J., Pahl, A., Dieterich, C., Grönke, S., Partridge, L.
Mol Cell 79 (2), pp. 268 - 279 e5 (2020)

A nutritional memory effect counteracts benefits of dietary restriction in old mice
Hahn, O., Drews, L. F., Nguyen, A., Tatsuta, T., Gkioni, L., Hendrich, O., Zhang, Q., Langer, T., Pletcher, S.,  Wakelam, M. J. O. et al.
Nat Metab 1 (11), pp. 1059 - 1073 (2019)


2017 - 2022 European Research Council (ERC) Horizon 2020
Advanced Grant
GeroProtect: Developing Geroprtoectors to Prevent Polymorbidity
2013 - 2017 DFG
CECAD: EXC 229 - to support collaborative research 
2011 - 2017 BMBF
GERONTOSYS - Forschungskern: SyBACol - Kölner Verbund für Systembiologie des Alterns - Teilprojekt B (joint with Adam Antebi and Bianca Habermann)
2011 - 2016  European Research Council (ERC) FP7, Advanced Grant
Experimental Research on Ageing
2011 - 2014 Max Planck Society
Toxic Protein Conformation: Ageing as a Risk Factor for Protein Toxicity in the Fruit Fly  Drosophila
2011 - 2013 EU & MIWF NRW im Rahmen des aus dem EFRE ko-finanzierten Operationellen Programms für NRW im Ziel 2 "Regionale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und Beschäftigung"  
2011 - 2012 DFG
CECAD: Ageing in  Drosophila
2009 - 2012  DFG
SFB 829: Molecular mechanisms regulating skin homeostasis - Pathophysiology of skin ageing and ageing-associated ulcerative dermatitis in mice
2007 - 2013 Geweberegeneration: Vom Modellorganismus zur Therapie (joint with Sabine Eming, TaconicArtemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH)
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