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May 2020

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07th May 2020

CANCELLED! Title to be announced

Speaker: Meri Huch (UK)
Organizer: Chrysa Nikopoulou (MPI Age)

This talk is cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
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14th May 2020

CANCELLED! Wissenschaft in Kölner Häusern "Infection – How the body cells defend the attack"

Speaker: PHD Lena Pernas (MPI-Age)

When we contract an infection we can have all sorts of symptoms: We may feel tired, we have a temperature, our limps ache, we have a sore tummy or even have to vomit. Depending on the infection we feel very sick and have to go to see a doctor. But why do we feel so ill and what is happening in our bodies? The answer is a constant fight takes place
within us. Pathogens try to invade the body and reproduce, the body defends itself and tries to destroy them. A previously unknown aspect of this: pathogens and hosts also compete for nutrients within cells.
Lena Pernas talks about her research on a human parasite and why mitochondria, normally known as energy suppliers, are important in the defence against this intruder.

30 Places | Please register here (Registration deadline 07 May 2020)

About Wissenschaft in Kölner Häusern

In the week from 11th to 15th May 2020, interested citizens will have the opportunity for the fourth time to get to know the diversity of Cologne's science at exciting and unusual locations. At places where interesting scientific topics and special highlights can be linked.  Through the relationship between science and practice, a very special access to science is opened up and your own city shows itself from a completely new side!

Flyer for 2020 or check out their website.

Goltstein Apotheke
Goltsteinstr. 87a
50968 Cologne
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