Science meets jazz

AGE ART | November 24, 2017 | 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Auditorium, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing

The admission to the event is free. The seating is limited so please reserve ahead.

How to reserve

Click on this link and go the button "Register". Enter your full name and e-mail address. After your registration download the ticket by clicking on the button "Get ticket". Please bring your ticket with you on the evening in printed or digital form. You will get a confirmation e-mail once we received your registration.

John Goldsby and his quartet present an evening of classic and contemporary jazz pieces: Jazz @ 100. The quartet includes three members of the WDR Big Band (Barnett, Dekker and Goldsby). The program focuses on musical thoughts and feelings about aging, combined with scientific perspectives about the beauty and challenges of a long artistic life. Dr. Dario Valenzano will present his research and discoveries about the aging process of the African turquoise Killifish. The turquoise killifish lives in fast motion – going from birth to death in only four months. The jazz quartet will perform original musical compositions—world premieres composed for this event—portraying the amazing, intriguing lives of Killifish. Science meets jazz!

The quartet will also present repertoire from jazz legends Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald and Thelonious Monk—all born in 1917, the year of the first jazz recording. Although none of these artists has lived to see their 100th birthday in 2017, their music lives on in the hearts and ears of jazz musicians around the world. What if these great artists had lived to age 100? By revisiting their timeless music, the quartet will reflect on themes of ageing and the intrigue of life at 100.

AGE ART is a new Arts and Science series at MPI-AGE. It is a unique collaboration featuring innovative artists and scientists in one setting comprising of musical performances, art exhibitions, theater and films in combination with scientific talks.

For the first event in April 2017 MPI-AGE featured a scientific lecture by Maria Leptin, professor at the University of Cologne Institute of Genetics and director at the European Molecular Biology Organization in Heidelberg. She introduced the visitors to the basics of ageing research. Following the performance around 200 guests listened to classical music and a theatrical musical piece written by the composer Camille van Lunen.