Max Planck Day 2018

On Friday, 14 September 2018, a large number of the 82 national Max Planck institutes will present their research to the public by opening the doors and offering several events.
What is so special about this day? We will celebrate the 160th birthday of Max Planck, 100 years of his Nobel Prize and the 70-year anniversary of the Max Planck Society.

With the campaign #wonachsuchstdu (meaning: what are you looking for), the Max Planck society is offering an open dialog with the public and invites to several events all over the republic.

What will happen in Cologne? Our institute will have a joint Open Day with the neighboring Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research. From 3 pm to 7 pm you will have the chance to learn about modern research approaches concerning socially relevant topics like ageing, obesity or diabetes during laboratory tours and experimental stations. Furthermore, there will be many hands-on experiments for young and old, scientific lectures and a guest appearance of the Cologne "Altentheater".

A total of eight different guided tours are offered at various times. To register for these tours, registration lists are available at the registration desk. For the first guided tours it is already possible to register online in advance:
Tour 1: Insights into the Worm Lab // 15:15
Tour 2: The killifish as a new model for ageing research // 15:15
Tour 3: Why do researchers like fruit flies? // 15:30
Tour 4: Insights into the mouse posture at MPI AGE // 15:15
Tour 5: A flight through the brain // 15:00
Tour 6: Metabolic research, where and how is it done in Cologne? // 15:00
Tour 7: How can we look into the human brain? // 15:00
Tour 8: IT - The Invisible Bits // 15:30

After the Open Day we will offer two further events to the public:
- panel discussion from 7pm about "Chances and Risks of the CRISPR/Cas9 technology" in cooperation with the MPI for plant breeding research (city library, Neumarkt)
- AGE ART from 7pm (in house)

Feel free to download our poster and flyer for those events.

Parking: as the parking facilities around the institute are very limited, we recommend to use public transportation for traveling

If you wish to receive notifications about this and other future public events of our institute, please contact us via presse(at) and we will add your email adress to our event newsletter.

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