Dario Valenzano collaborates with the artist Lina Hermsdorf in Dortmunder Kunstvereinmore

Small fish populations accumulate harmful mutations that shorten lifespan

A genetics study in wild turquoise killifish shows that small populations accumulate mutations that shorten lives, helping scientists better ...more

Nerve cells with energy saving program

Thanks to a metabolic adjustment, the cells can remain functional despite damage to the mitochondriamore

When Corona leads to cover art

an interview with Bruna Di Giacomo by Kai Fiedlermore

Blood iron levels could impact healthy ageing

Biological ageing – the rate at which our bodies decline over time – varies between people and drives the world’s most fatal diseases, including heart ...more

Sara Wickström elected as new EMBO member

EMBO has awarded 63 leading scientists the lifetime honour of EMBO Membership in recognition of their achievements in the life sciences. Assoc. Prof. ...


Circular RNA makes fruit flies live longer

Ribonucleic acid, or RNA, is part of our genetic code and present in every cell of our body. The best known form of RNA is a single linear strand, of ...more

A balancing act between immunity and longevity

How changes in the immune system can promote healthy ageing more

Slow ageing with drugs

New review about intervening in the ageing process with drugs more

Subcellular chatter regulates longevity

Lysosome to mitochondria communication more

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