We have a new logomark

The new logo brings the name "Max Planck" more into focus and is modern and clear.more

Positive effector behind reduced food intake identified

Researchers from the department of Linda Partridge identified the Sestrin protein as key mediator of dietary restriction benefits.more

Germany's best trainee comes from our institute

Charlotte Rösch, trainee at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, will be honoured for her excellent achievements by the IHK as the best ...more

AGE ART goes virtual

On Nov 27th, American pianist Hilda Huang will play the music by Bach and Beethoven and the biologist Ueli Schibler will examine the circadian clock.more

Max Planck Digest - starting an interdisciplinary lecture series

Voices of our employees: Raymond Laboy about starting an interdisciplinary lecture series with the support of the MPI AGE Career Networkmore

Cologne Else-Kröner Clinician Scientist Programm

The next call is now open for new outstanding candidates until October 31st 2020.more

Fine-tuning stem cell metabolism prevents hair loss

In a new study led by Sabine Eming and Sara Wickström a mechanism that prevents hair loss has been discovered.more


Dario Valenzano collaborates with the artist Lina Hermsdorf in Dortmunder Kunstvereinmore

Small fish populations accumulate harmful mutations that shorten lifespan

A genetics study in wild turquoise killifish shows that small populations accumulate mutations that shorten lives, helping scientists better ...more

Nerve cells with energy saving program

Thanks to a metabolic adjustment, the cells can remain functional despite damage to the mitochondriamore

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