New cooperation with University of Queensland/Australia.

Prof Ernst Wolverang (left) and Prof Adam Antebi (right)
Prof Ernst Wolverang (left) and Prof Adam Antebi (right)

Signature of Memorandum of Understanding with University of Queensland

Managing director Adam Antebi signed a cooperation agreement with Prof Ernst Wolvetang from the University of Queensland/Australia. The cooperation agreement lays the foundations to facilitate future PhD student exchanges, collaborative research projects, scientific workshop or joint grant applications. The Max-Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing liaises with a world leading institution listed in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities on position 20 in Lifesciences and 1st among the non US- and UK based ones. A special attention in this cooperation will be given on the by Prof Wolvetang recently founded Centre in Stem Cell Ageing and Regenerative Engineering (StemCARE) in the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at the University of Queensland.

Prof Adam Antebi has expressed his gratitude to Prof Wolverang in entering into this collaboration as this will bring together two world leading institutions in stem cell and ageing research and allow future leading scientist in widening international experiences.

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