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Chapter 16: Delivery of mtZFNs into early mouse embryos

  • McCann, B. J.
  • Cox, A.
  • Gammage, P. A.
  • Stewart, J. B.
  • Zernicka-Goetz, M.
  • Minczuk, M.
(2018) Zinc Finger Proteins Methods and Protocols

Incorporating Molecular Evolution into Phylogenetic Analysis, and a New Compilation of Conserved Polymerase Chain Reaction Primers for Animal Mitochondrial DNA

  • Simon, C.
  • Buckley, T.
  • Frati, F.
  • Stewart, J. B.
  • Beckenbach, A. T.
(2006) Annual Review of Ecology Evolution and Systematics, 37: 545-579

*equal contribution; **corresponding author

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