Core Facilities


The bioinformatics core facility supports all institute members with state-of-the-art computational biology tools for the successful execution of their research.

We are a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in molecular biology, plant biology, genome biology and physics.

To make sure that no need goes unattended our range of services includes: Analytics, SaaS (Software as a Service); PaaS (Platform as a Service); IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Click here for more.

More than understanding, we embrace the heterogeneous needs of researchers with a wide variety of research focuses and bioinformatics skills. Above all, the bioinformatics core facility serves as a hub for research involving computational biology. From batch primers design to networks assembly and big data analysis, passing through the hosting of in-house genome browsers we provide all types of bioinformatics support. 

Workshops take place every 3 months to inform researchers of the continuous development in the range of analytical skills, platforms and infrastructure.

Selected publications

Boucas J, Fritz C, Schmitt A, Riabinska A, Thelen L, Peifer M, Leeser U, Nuernberg P, Altmueller J, Gaestel M, Dieterich C, Reinhardt HC, (2015). Label-Free Protein-RNA Interactome Analysis Identifies Khsrp Signaling Downstream of the p38/Mk2 Kinase Complex as a Critical Modulator of Cell Cycle Progression. PLoS One 10(5):e0125745

Mourier A., Motori E., Brandt T., Lagouge M, Atanassov I, Galinier A, Rappl G, Brodesser S, Hultenby K, Dieterich C, Larsson NG, (2015). Mitofusin 2 is required to maintain mitochondrial coenzyme Q levels. J Cell Biol. 16;208(4):429-42


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