Biomedical Seminars Cologne

  • Datum: 28.05.2024
  • Uhrzeit: 12:00 - 13:00
  • Vortragender: Thorsten Hoppe
  • CECAD Research Center
  • Ort: MPI for Biology of Ageing
  • Raum: Auditorium
  • Gastgeber: Biomedical Seminars Cologne
Biomedical Seminars Cologne
The Biomedical Seminar Series aims to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking within the scientific community.The seminar series open to all researchers on campus! Come to learn more about exciting science in Cologne, share experiences and ideas, and foster collaborations.

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming talk in the Biomedical Seminar Series, which takes place every Tuesday at 12:00 in the MPI-AGE Auditorium.

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