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Department Antebi
Molecular Genetics of Ageing more
Research Group Deelen
Genetics and Biomarkers of Human Ageing more
Max Planck Research Group Demetriades
Cell Growth Control in Health and Age-related Disease more
Systems Biology of Ageing more
Max Planck Research Group Huppertz
RNA-Binding Proteins in Metabolism and Ageing more
Max Planck Research Group Jachimowicz
Mechanisms of DNA Repair more
Department Langer
Mitochondrial Proteostasis more
Research Group Matić
ADP-ribosylation in DNA damage response and ageing more
Max Planck Research Group Panier
Genome Instability and Ageing more
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Affiliated Research Group Pernas
Metabolism of infection more
Department Schaefer
Neurobiology of Ageing more
Max Planck Research Group Scheiblich
Neuroimmunology of Ageing more
Molecular Epidemiology: Exciting approaches to ageing research more
Alumni Group Tessarz
Chromatin and Ageing more
The picture shows a scientist pipetting.
Our overall mission is to make fundamental scientific discoveries about the ageing process. We aim to elucidate the molecular, physiological and evolutionary mechanisms underlying ageing. The long-term research goal is to pave the way for healthier human ageing. more
The picture shows a mouse sitting on a hand.
How animal research is legally regulated in Germany and how our animals are kept - you can find answers to these and other questions here. more
The picture shows young people with bicycles in front of the institute.
We want to significantly promote and maintain the well-being of all employees. more
Minerva logo on glass door
Comprehensive support for our international employees, individual career service and promotion of a healthy work-life balance. more
The image shows a staircase
The network is designed to ensure an efficient, focused and successful time at the Institute and beyond. more
Two women at a desk.
The International Office serves as the first point of contact for Institute members and their accompanying relatives. It helps with all formalities during the settling-in phase and offers continuous support. more
lab coat hanging in office space
We aim to elucidate the molecular, physiological and evolutionary mechanisms underlying ageing. more
Flowering tree in front of blue sky and institute
We strive to create an equal, diverse and inclusive environment for all employees. more
The picture shows two young researchers in the laboratory.
Our graduate school is training a new generation of outstanding biomedical researchers to decipher the molecular mechanisms of ageing. more
Happy students sitting in the atrium
No matter what your goal is and on which step of the career ladder you are: As long as excellent research is part of your path and you want to support our vision, you are in the right place. more
Image of a lab inside
Our core facilities are a hallmark of our institute. They offer all researchers the opportunity to pursue their research questions with the latest techniques and state-of-the-art methods. more
Inside-image of the institute
Publications by our scientists more
Aquariums in the fish facility
The Fish Facility takes care of the housing for the naturally short-lived Turquoise killifish (Nothobranchius furzeri). more
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