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Research Laboratories

Investigating the whole ageing process

With our research we want to make basic scientific discoveries about mechanisms driving ageing and investigate which factors promote healthy ageing. The complementary expertise in the departments of the directors and the various research groups allows us to study the ageing process on a broad basis.


Molecular Genetics of Ageing more
Mitochondrial Proteostasis more
Neurobiology of Ageing more

Research Groups

Genetics and Biomarkers of Human Ageing more
Cell Growth Control in Health and Age-related Disease more
Systems Biology of Ageing more
RNA-Binding Proteins in Metabolism and Ageing more
Mechanisms of DNA Repair more
ADP-ribosylation in DNA repair and ageing more
Genome Instability and Ageing more
Neuroimmunology of Ageing more
Molecular Metabolism & Energy Homeostasis more

Associated Groups

Mitochondrial Biology more
Metabolism of Infection more
Molecular Epidemiology: Exciting approaches to ageing research more
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