Pint of Science Festival in Cologne

The international, three-day Pint of Science festival will see thousands of scientists simultaneously standing up and telling the public about their research in over 400 cities across 30 countries across all continents. 

Founded seven years ago by two UK researchers, the festival brings a unique line up of talks, demonstrations and live experiments to the nation’s favourite locals. The Max Planck Institute of Biology of Ageing is part of that festival since 2019.

May 13-15th 2024
Tickets are now available:

This year, scientists from our institute are represented on two out of three days:

Laura Wester from the Antebi Lab (german talk) on May 14:

„Frauen altern anders: Ein wissenschaftlicher Blick auf die weibliche Fruchtbarkeit“


Sadig Niftullayev from the Langer Lab (english talk) on May 15:

„Finding the right one: The diverse world of model organisms“


Pint of Science flyers and beer mats in a pub.
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