Career Network

Our unique career network brings together the experience of many experts and resources at our institute. Young scientists are supported in shaping their individual career paths and their own academic or non-academic career choices. The structured network aims to ensure an efficient, focused and successful time at the institute and beyond.

The career network is led by our scientific coordinator and includes individual career counseling , the Grant's Office, which assists in applying for scholarships or grants, the Gender Equality Office, which helps to create an inclusive and diverse work culture, and the PhD Office, which is the first contact point for all PhD students at our institute. A peer board with representatives of postdocs and PhD students helps to optimise the career network for the very people who should benefit from it.

The Career Network

  • Provides individual support, career counseling, conflict mediation, tips, advice and inspiration
  • Organizes career events, courses, lectures and workshops (complementary to the career activities of the CECAD and Max Planck Society)
  • Invites speakers, trainers and recruiters
  • Informs about career relevant news and events
  • Mediates important professional contacts
  • Identifies teaching possibilities for scientists interested in acquiring teaching experience
  • Builds up an Alumni network and attempts to connect young scientists with external alumni mentors
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