Equal Opportunities

We aim to create an inclusive, family-friendly and diverse environment for our employees and prevent discrimination. Such an environment is important for personal well-being and thereby also promotes scientific excellence. Therefore, our goal is to create an inclusive and colorful work culture.

To achieve this goal, we offer the following:

  • we provide support in finding childcare places through several cooperations with facilities in Cologne
  • we enable employees who have children to take advantage of flexible working hours and part-time options
  • we enable employees to bring their children to work in the event of a childcare emergency and provide a parent-child room for this purpose
  • we coordinate access to career development and mentoring programs, especially for underrepresented groups such as female scientists or first-generation doctoral students
  • we provide training, information and support on issues related to sexual discrimination or harassment
  • we share information and organize events to raise awareness of issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Equality office

The Equality Office ensures equality of all genders in all processes within the Institute, monitors the implementation of the above activities and counteracts any discrimination based on gender. The Equality Officers are also committed to a broad diversity and inclusion program beyond their statutory duties.

The current equality goals are set out in the Equality Plan, which is updated every 3 years.

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We strive to create an equal, diverse and inclusive environment for all employees. more
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