Proteomics Core Facility

We provide a mass spectrometry platform with top-level instrumentation for analysing proteins, post-translational modifications and metabolites in complex biological mixtures.

The mission of the Proteomics Core Facility is to provide an analytic platform and to couple it to users' research interests. The core facility is a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry lab equipped with top-level instrumentation, complemented by expertise ranging from sample preparation strategies, through mass spectrometry (MS) to computational proteomics. Given the highly technological nature of this approach, the facility's primary focus is on analytic instrumentation and methodology. However, to bring the technology closer to scientific users, we also focus on training, consultation and discussion at every stage of a project. Close attention is given to service quality, fast reaction times to users' requests and the complete integration of the facility with the scientific objectives of the institute.

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