Alumni Groups

2014 - 2023 Research group  Peter Tessarz - Chromatin and Ageing
Current affiliation: Radboud University
2008 - 2023 Department Linda Partridge - Biological Mechanisms of Ageing
Current affiliation: UCL Division of Biosciences
2013 - 2022 Research group Martin Graef - Autophagy and Cellular Ageing
Current affiliation:  Cornell University
2014 - 2022

Research group  Martin Denzel - Metabolic and Genetic Regulation of Ageing
Current affiliation: Altos Labs, Cambridge UK

2013 - 2022

Research group  Dario Valenzano - Evolutionary and Experimental Biology of Ageing
Current affiliation: Leibniz Institute on Aging

2010 - 2020

Research group  Sara Wickström - Skin Homeostasis and Ageing
Current affiliation: Department of Cell and Tissue Dynamics, Max Planck Institut for Molecular Biomedicine, Münster 

2014 - 2020

Research group  James Stewart - Genome Evolution and Ageing
Current affiliation: Biosciences Institute, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University

2014 - 2017

Research group  Xiangru Xu - Epigenetic Regulation of Mammalian Ageing
Current affiliation: Yale University, School of Medicine

2013 - 2015

Research group  Christoph Dieterich - Computational RNA and Ageing
Current position: W3 Stiftungsprofessur
Section of Bioinformatics and Computational Cardiology.
Klaus Tschira Institute for Integrative Computational Cardiology and Department of Internal Medicine III, University hospital Heidelberg, Germany

2010 - 2013

Research group  Bianca Habermann - Bioinformatics
Current position: Group leader Computational Biology Group at Institute of Developmental Biology, Aix-Marseille University, France

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