Genetically modified models represent one of the most powerful methods of functional gene analysis in vivo. Important is the ability to control the expression of genes of interest. It is possible to increase or decrease gene expression, or eliminate the expression of a gene completely. 

The Transgenic Core Facility (TCF) is a service facility specialized in the generation of transgenic and knockout mice. The primary mission of the TCF is to provide access to transgenic technologies, reduce the effort and costs for the scientist and increase the know-how in the field of transgenesis. In addition we are also providing assisted reproductive technologies.

Experimental techniques performed at the facility

  • DNA pronuclear microinjection

  • Microinjection of embryonic stem cells into blastocysts

  • Morula aggregation with diploid  and tetraploid embryos

  • Cryopreservation of embryos and sperm

  • In vitro fertilisation

  • Rederivation of infected mouse strains