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A look back at the CGA Graduate Symposium 2024

July 02, 2024

On 6 June, the 12th CGA Graduate Symposium took place at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing. The event brought together the 10 PhD graduates of the CGA class of 2020, three renowned keynote speakers and all CGA students and lecturers. The symposium was characterised by outstanding research, intellectual exchange and a strong sense of community.

The graduates presented their research findings, demonstrating not only their scientific expertise but also their passion for ageing biology. Keynote speakers Markus Landthaler (Max Delbrück Center, Berlin, Germany), Manuel Serrano (Altos Labs, Cambridge, UK) and Diana Jurk (Mayo Cinic, Rochester, USA) enriched the event with inspiring talks on topics such as post-transcriptional regulation and cellular rejuvenation.

The highlight of the symposium was the graduation ceremony, at which the graduates received their CGA certificates. Students were celebrated for their academic achievements, dedication and unique perspectives. The event concluded with a group dinner where attendees had the opportunity to socialise and celebrate.

The 12th CGA Graduate Symposium was a testament to the outstanding advances in aging research and the strong community within the CGA Graduate School.

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