What We Offer

Four good reasons to work with us

The first and obvious reason for you to join us may be the unique scientific environment as well as the possibility to work with internationally renowned experts in the interdisciplinary and collaborative field of ageing research.

Apart from this there are at least four more good reasons for you to work with us:

Extensive support for our international employees

Starting a job at a new place and even a new city and country can be an exciting but also overwhelming experience. We support all our international guests and new employees with extensive help in all administrative matters: starting with finding a new place to live, registering at the city hall and at the foreign office and looking for the right kindergarten or school for your children.
For all private and social matters we have implemented a buddy program to complement what is important for us: that you feel welcome and integrated in Cologne and at the MPI for Biology of Ageing from the beginning on!

Individual career services

With our various career services, including a career and alumni network, we address the individual need of each employee and help everyone to shape and develop their own future career path. We appreciate and foster the diverse talents of our employees and help you discover what to do for your next career step.

Promoting a healthy work-life balance

We are actively promoting a healthy and well-balanced working environment. To make this possible we offer a well-established health management program, flexible work conditions and a family support service for all our employees.

Your contribution

We welcome everyone who wants to contribute to further develop the institute in a positive direction!
Our PhD and postdoc representatives are well connected with the administration and management boards of our institute and have a great impact in the institute’s development. Our career network, health management steering group and sustainability groups live from the ideas of their members, who organize workshops, seminar series, health days and many other events. With every step we take, we are always eager to learn from each other and cherish the initiative from our staff members.