Dr. Ina Huppertz (she/her)

Max Planck Research Group Leader


Scientific Career

2022 - today    |    Max Planck Research Group Leader
Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Cologne, Germany
2021 - 2022    |    Scientific Officer
European Research Council Executive Agency, Brussels, Belgium
2015 - 2021    |    Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Matthias Hentze
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL),Heidelberg, Germany
2012 - 2015    |    Doctoral Student with Prof. Jernej Ule
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


2012 - 2015    |    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
2009 - 2012    |    Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Third-party funding

2022 - 2024    |    DFG Research Grant
Metabolic control of embryonic stem cell function by AMDHD2 in the hexosamine pathway
2021               |    EMBL Technology Development Fund, EMBL, Heidelberg


2017 - 2019    |    Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions: Individual Fellowship
2012 - 2015    |    Marie Curie ITN Fellowship (RNPnet)
2012 - 2015    |    Benefactors’ Scholarship from St. John’s College
2011                 |    Scholarship from the Amgen Scholars Program
2010 - 2012    |    Scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation

Selected Publications

Riboregulation of Enolase 1 activity controls glycolysis and embryonic stem cell differentiation
Huppertz, I., Perez-Perri, J. I., Mantas, P., Sekaran, T., Schwarzl, T., Russo, F., Ferring-Appel, D., Koskova, Z., Dimitrova-Paternoga, L., Kafkia, E., Hennig, J., Neveu, P. A., Patil, K., Hentze, M. W.
(2022) Mol Cell, 82, 14, 2666-2680 e11

TDP-43 condensation properties specify its RNA-binding and regulatory repertoire
Hallegger, M., Chakrabarti, A. M., Lee, F. C. Y., Lee, B. L., Amalietti, A. G., Odeh, H. M., Copley, K. E., Rubien, J. D., Portz, B., Kuret, K., Huppertz, I., Rau, F., Patani, R., Fawzi, N. L., Shorter, J., Luscombe, N. M., Ule, J.
(2021) Cell, 184, 18, 4680-4696 e22

The RNA-Binding Protein YBX3 Controls Amino Acid Levels by Regulating SLC mRNA Abundance
Cooke, A., Schwarzl, T., Huppertz, I., Kramer, G., Mantas, P., Alleaume, A. M., Huber, W., Krijgsveld, J., Hentze, M. W.
(2019) Cell Rep, 27, 11, 3097-3106 e5

Insights into the design and interpretation of iCLIP experiments
Haberman, N., Huppertz, I., Attig, J., Konig, J., Wang, Z., Hauer, C., Hentze, M. W., Kulozik, A. E., Le Hir, H., Curk, T., Sibley, C. R., Zarnack, K., Ule, J.
(2017) Genome Biol, 18, 1, 7

iCLIP: protein-RNA interactions at nucleotide resolution
Huppertz, I., Attig, J., D'Ambrogio, A., Easton, L. E., Sibley, C. R., Sugimoto, Y., Tajnik, M., Konig, J., Ule, J.
(2014) Methods, 65, 3, 274-87

For full publication list; see https://www.age.mpg.de/huppertz/publications

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