FACS & Imaging Core Facility


The FACS & Imaging Core Facility is home to 30 bookable resources, including wide-field and confocal microscopes, flow cytometry analyzers and sorters, shared histology equipment, and PC workstations for data analysis.

We provide additional services such as software training, access to analysis software, and help with experimental planning and post-acquisition analysis.


Flow cytometry (FACS)

Flow Cytometry is a technology that simultaneously measures and analyzes multiple physical characteristics of single cells or other particles as they move in a stream of liquid and pass a beam of light.


BD FACSAria Fusion


BD LSRFortessa

Amnis ImageStream X Mk II

Miltenyi autoMACS Pro

Microscopy (Imaging)

Microscopy is the technology of using microscopes to view samples and objects that cannot be seen with the unaided eye.

Nikon Eclipse Ci

Leica DMI6000B

EssenBioscience IncuCyte S3

ThermoFisher EVOS FL Auto 2

Zeiss Axioscan 7

Laser-scanning confocal SP8-DLS

Laser-scanning confocal Leica SP8-X

Spinning disc confocal Olympus SpinSR

Spinning disc confocal Andor Dragonfly

Laser-scanning confocal Leica SP8-Upright

Superresolution microscope Abberior Instruments Facility Line

Histology Lab

The histology unit hosts equipment for the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues including instruments for fixing, processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining.

  • Tissue processor
  • Heated paraffin embedding module
  • Microtome
  • Cryostat
  • Vibratome
  • Antigen Retriever
  • Automated Slide Stainer
  • Cassette and slide printer
  • Tissue Microarrayer
  • Batch stainer
  • Microscope