Occupational Health Management at MPI AGE

At the Max Planck Institute for the Biology of Ageing, a holistic occupational health management (Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement, BGM) was introduced in 2018 in cooperation with the Techniker-Krankenkasse health insurance. Since then, the BGM has been managed and continuously developed by the BGM coordinators (bgm(at)age.mpg.de).

The occupational health management covers various areas, such as occupational safety, ergonomics, occupational integration management after a long illness, social interaction, healthy nutrition, a respectful management style, or the bright and modern institute building with the aim to significantly promote and maintain the well-being of all employees. These aspects can be preventive and corrective measures, which focus both on the conditions existing in the institute and on the behaviour and awareness of the individual employees.

The BGM steering group

The BGM coordinators are supported by a steering group. With this groups, current topics, bigger events and the introduction of new, health-promoting offers are discussed, planned and organized.
In order to find optimal BGM measures for all MPI employees, the steering group relies on the results of surveys and constant, personal exchanges with the employees. In this way, suitable measures for improving and maintaining health and well-being in the workplace can be implemented and continuously developed.
We are always happy to welcome new, motivated employees to the steering group of the occupational health management!

Our offers

The offers at our institute currently include

  • yoga classes & back courses,
  • workshops on various topics (stress management, time management, work-life balance, mindfulness, resilience, sleep, ergonomics),
  • health days,
  • discounts at a fitness center,
  • a healthy food offer in our canteen,
  • measures for a good work-life balance,
  • possibility for internal mediation and
  • a fully equipped social room.

Psychosocial counseling

Since 2019, all employees of our institute have the opportunity to contact an external psychosocial counseling center in case of psychological crisis or stressful challenges (both private or professional). This service is anonymous and free of charge and available either by telephone or through individual, personal appointments.

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