A change of scenery for pupils

Collaboration with Gesamtschule Lindenthal enables discussion on animal testing

Getting out of the classroom and experiencing lessons in a real research laboratory is important for students at the Gesamtschule Lindenthal. They will now have the opportunity to do so, as the school has recently become a cooperation partner of the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing as part of the KURS initiative.

One focus of the collaboration is animal experimentation, which is part of the upper school curriculum. Dr Bettina Bertalan, Head of Comparative Biology (Animal House), aims to raise awareness in this area. She engages in a dialogue with the students, answering questions such as "What is an animal experiment?", "Where does it start?" or "What exactly does an experiment look like? The subject is covered not only in the natural sciences, but also in practical philosophy and religion.

At the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, students can gain insights into animal husbandry and exchange ideas with experienced animal keepers and trainees. One thing is certain: a career as an animal keeper in research and clinic requires a passion for working with animals and a strong sense of responsibility.

The Max Planck Institute also offers students the opportunity to get to know the administrative side of working life, as researchers are dependent on administrative support. Interns can gain practical experience with office clerks and IT specialists, as these professions are also trained at the Max Planck Institute.

The picture shows a mouse sitting on a hand.
How animal research is legally regulated in Germany and how our animals are kept - you can find answers to these and other questions here. more

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