The Valenzano research group investigated the evolutionary basis of ageing. Dario Valenzano is now Director of the Leibniz Institute on Aging in Jena.

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Interview with Dario Valenzano about the ageing process  more

The African killifish (Notobranchius furzeri) can be used to study the ageing of the immune system.

Studies in African killifish reveal how the immune system ages more

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Dario Valenzano collaborates with the artist Lina Hermsdorf in Dortmunder Kunstverein more

Image of David Willemsen (first author) and Dario Valenzano (senior author)

A genetics study in wild turquoise killifish shows that small populations accumulate mutations that shorten lives, helping scientists better understand how lifespan can evolve among populations. more

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How the life clock can be manipulated more

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