Being a vertebrate

Dario Valenzano collaborates with the artist Lina Hermsdorf in Dortmunder Kunstverein

September 17, 2020

For her new performance and exhibition Being A Vertebrate Lina Hermsdorf (*1985 in Hamburg, lives and works in London) collaborates with, among others, Dario Valenzano to reflect on the relationship between growth and stagnation. Inspired by the Turquoise killifish and conceived specifically for the space at Kunstverein Dortmund, the new work examines diapause, a state of suspended life, that allows certain animals to bridge extreme climate conditions by drastically cutting their energy levels and pausing their development. The artist raises the question of what links and separates us in our lifecycles as growing and decaying organisms, as vertebrates, as humans and as individuals.

Dario Valenzano will participate in the following event Thursday 8 October 7 PM:

LA DERNIÈRE SÉANCE #14 → english language event 7 pm: Guided tour in dialogue: Rebekka Seubert and Dario Riccardo Valenzano.

The exhibition runs 4 September - 11 October 2020.

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