Equal opportunities and access for all

Diversity statement

We strive to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for all our employees. Diversity, equity and inclusion promote academic excellence and help us reach our full potential.

We treat each other with respect and welcome people of different ethnic backgrounds, gender, disability, religion or belief, age, family status and sexual orientation and identity. We strive for equal opportunities for all our employees.

We recognise that first generation scholars are underrepresented in academics and face more barriers. We aim to enable them to have equal opportunities in science.

We provide a safe environment where all employees can engage in dialogue, ask questions, learn and realise their full potential.

We respect the dignity of all members of our community and strive to make everyone feel valued and supported.

We take responsibility for our actions and commit to listening to, understanding, and learning from the many different voices, views, and perspectives in our institute to enable synergy and decisions.

We acknowledge that people have unconscious biases and we provide training that emphasises respect for differences in culture and life experience, addressing the role that implicit and explicit biases can play in decision-making.

We support diversity, equity and inclusion in recruitment, admission, hiring, retention and promotion.

Discrimination of any kind has no place at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing.

Focus on our employees

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