Microphone, a pub in the background

Cologne's Pint of Science promotes dialogue between researchers and society more

Portraits of Stephanie Panier and Ina Huppertz

Funding for Ina Huppertz and Stephanie Panier more

Anne Schaefer in the lab

Award ceremony at Lund University in Sweden more

Portrait of Estelle Vincendeau

Research into the detection and repair of DNA damage more

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A bottle of rapamycin stands in the foreground in front of tubes of fruit flies

Protection against an increase in pro-inflammatory factors with age more

Old killifish

Genetic switch rescues ageing fish from continuous fasting trap more

Location, location, location

Liver cells age differently depending on where they are in the organ more

Molecular structure of the mTOR complex

Endogenous metabolite directly inhibits mTORC1 activity more

Historical drawing of wave

How a single enzyme unleashes a complex DNA repair process more

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A laboratory bottle with the drug rapamycin

Brief exposure to rapamycin has the same anti-ageing effects as lifelong treatment more

Still images from the video

People. Research. Lab Life. more

The image shows the scientists involved in the video in a blurred way.

Get to know us and our work in the video more

Researcher points to microscope image on screen

Pathogens hijack host mitochondria more

Visitors looking at the photo exhibition

Video about our Photo Exhibtion more

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