Metabolomics Core Facility


The aim of the Metabolomics Core Facility is to assist scientists to successfully set-up their metabolomics research projects.
Since each organism contains a wide range of functionally and chemically diverse metabolites, different analytical approaches are required for their efficient analysis. Accordingly, we offer different levels of support. On the one hand, we perform routine qualitative and quantitative gas- and liquid-chromatography separation coupled to high and low resolution mass spectrometers. These methods allow for the targeted or semi-targeted analysis of polar, as well as lipid metabolites, covering a wide range of the cellular metabolism. In case more complex, especially untargeted or larger scale studies are requested we can offer support at the level of the experimental design, the set-up of specific sample preparation and metabolite extraction methods but also at the level of data analysis, visualization and interpretation. Our main goal is to be in close cooperation with the scientific research groups and provide flexible, and reliable service.


  • Waters TQ coupled to Thermo Fisher Dionex™
  • Waters TQ-S coupled to an Acquity UPLC (iClass) or ICS-5000+ ion chromatographic system
  • Thermo Fisher Q-Exactive HF coupled to Integrion ion chromatographic system
  • Thermo Fisher Q-Exactive Plus coupled to Integrion ion chromatographic system
  • Thermo Fisher TSP Altis coupled to Vancquish UHPLC
  • Thermo Fischer Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid coupled to Vancquish UHPLC
  • Bruker TIMS ToF Pro2 coupled to Acquity UPLC (iClass)
  • Thermo Fisher Q-Exactive GC Orbitrap GC-MS/MS with EI or CI source