Research Group Matic

ADP-ribosylation in DNA damage response and ageing

Many of the next significant advances in ageing research, from basic biology to clinical applications, will come from understanding the exact molecular mechanisms that underlie biological pathways whose relevance to ageing has been identified over the last decades. Determining the biochemical basis of a specific biological process often presents special challenges and requires new tools and approaches.


Research Group Leader

Dr. Ivan Matic



Our ambition is to reveal the elusive molecular mechanisms behind some of these ageing-relevant signaling pathways by applying our unique expertise in advanced proteomics and innovative chemical biology. The current aim of the Matic lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms of DNA damage response and ageing by elucidating the role of ADP-ribosylation in these biological processes.

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*equal contribution; **corresponding author

Third-party funding

  • 2021 - 2026 | ERC Consolidator Grant
  • 2019 - 2023 | EMBO Young Investigator Program