Research Group Matic (CECAD)


cAMP-dependent cell differentiation triggered by activated CRHR1 in hippocampal neuronal cells

  • Inda, C.
  • Bonfiglio, J. J.
  • Dos Santos Claro, P. A.
  • Senin, S. A.
  • Armando, N. G.
  • Deussing, J. M.
  • Silberstein, S.
(2017) Sci Rep, 7(1): 1944

Disruption of Macrodomain Protein SCO6735 Increases Antibiotic Production in Streptomyces coelicolor

  • Lalić, J.
  • Posavec Marjanović, M.
  • Palazzo, L.
  • Perina, D.
  • Sabljić, I.
  • Žaja, R.
  • Colby, T.
  • Pleše, B.
  • Halasz, M.
  • Jankevicius, G.
  • Bucca, G.
  • Ahel, M.
  • Matić, I.
  • Ćetković, H.
  • Luić, M.
  • Mikoč, A.
  • Ahel, I.
(2016) J Biol Chem, 291(44): 23175-23187

*equal contribution; **corresponding author

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