AGE ART - Science meets music

Opening event of our new public event series

April 07, 2017

We are proud to announce the successful outcome of our very first AGE ART series event. The public lecture and concert took place Friday April 7th at 7pm and drew more than 180 people to our institute’s auditorium. The audience members were made up of students and faculty from the local scientific community, artists, musicians, politicians and interested public. We would like to thank Linda Partridge for her introductory remarks as well as all those who took part in making this event a huge success.

The event began with a piece by Louis Spohr, Variations sur l'air "Je suis encore dans mon printemps“, performed by a talented young harpist Jie Zhou. The harp is known to calm the nervous system and stimulate the immune system. This as the bridging element to the next segment, our guest speaker Maria Leptin delivered an engaging and humorous presentation on aging and aging research. The transition from science to music played out well.

The second part of the event included three German songs sung by a young baritone, Joel Urch and accompanied by harpist, Zhou. The acoustics couldn’t have been more accommodating to the warm sound of the baritone and harp vibrating through the tranquil space.

The highlight of the event was the pre-premiere of a lyrical theater piece written by Camille van Lunen, "Über das Hören" an Allegory for Baritone, Harp, and Actor based on Hans Schneiderhans' text "On Listening".

Snippets of Mozart, Goethe and aleatoric vocal lines were beautifully intertwined into a perfect evening of science and music.

by Helen Antebi

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