Max Planck Research Group Demetriades

Constantinos Demetriades

Constantinos Demetriades receives Proof of Concept Grant from the European Research Council more

Julian Nüchel in the lab

Max Planck postdoc Julian Nüchel becomes Junior Group Leader at the Center for Biochemistry at the University of Cologne more

Molecular structure of the mTOR complex

Endogenous metabolite directly inhibits mTORC1 activity more

Pciture of Molecular structure

Evolution made nutrient sensing more precise in mammalian cells more

Immune fluorescence microscopy shows that the key UPS regulator, GRASP55, localizes primarily at the Golgi apparatus in non-stressed cells (left panel), whereas it readily relocalizes to secretory vesicles in response to stimuli that cause mTORC1 inhibition (middle panel). mTORC1 regulates GRASP55 directly at the Golgi, where both proteins colocalize in non-stressed cells (right panel, Image taken with the electron microscope).

Internal sensor coordinates the cellular stress response to alter the composition of extracellular proteins more

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